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Sweet Hacks – Vol I

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  1. Carlo
    Wednesday, March 2643, 2008

    thanks for the post. i hope to read some more.
    Best regards from Sebbi

  2. Jess Johnson
    Wednesday, March 2628, 2008

    @Sebbi Thanks! If you run across any sweet hacks you would like to see in the next issue let me know.

  3. dale
    Thursday, April 314, 2008

    G’Day Jess,
    I love a good hack. Something I have been mulling over and tinkering with are hacks that crawl my sites and helps generate html content. For example, a hack that pull out my titles and urls of my images in flickr, deviantart.com or redbubble.com and genrate the html to be used on my personal site. A photographer mate of mine has created a few ruby hacks that do some interesting things along these lines (http://www.davep.org/misc/). Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing this feature in the future.


  4. cell jammer
    Monday, July 1319, 2009

    cell phone jammers are fun


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