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How To Use Django’s Signing Functions For One Click Unsubscribes

Sometimes it is handy to allow users to change part of their profile without having to log in, as long as we can be reasonably sure of their identity. The most common use case is to unsubscribe from email newsletters, where it is annoying to have to login first. Read more »

You Should Change Your Python Shell

If you write Python code, switching to IPython is the number one thing you can do to immediately improve your productivity. Bold words, I know. Let’s look at how IPython can make you a more productive programmer. Read more »

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Practice Your Code-Fu: Programming Contests and Puzzles Online

This is a list of the best sites on the net for practicing your coding chops, showing off your programming skills, and competing for fame and fortune. Exercise your brain by untangling obfuscation, applying algorithms knowledge, growing your inner math geek, or playing a bit of code golf. These sites have exercises to build on and refine what you already know, or learn the language du jour. Read more »

The Top 9½ In a Hacker’s Bookshelf

Every hacker should have a good solid dead tree library to draw ideas from and use as reference material. This list has a bit of everything – textbooks you will encounter at top tier computer science universities, books giving insight into the industry, and references you shouldn’t be caught without. It is a list of hackers’ classics. Read more »