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5½ More Books In a Hacker’s Bookshelf

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  1. kwh
    Saturday, August 949, 2008

    Good list! I have read a lot of these books, but am missing a few. I think I will put The Little Schemer on my list next.

  2. make money blogging
    Saturday, August 1609, 2008

    I wish you would post more often…this is my “coffee drinking” blog:) Edgar Allen

  3. Jess Johnson
    Saturday, August 1628, 2008

    @Edgar Thanks! I would like to post more often, but there just never seems to be enough time in the day…

  4. Cord Covers
    Wednesday, August 2011, 2008

    I tried to subscribe to your feed but it didn’t show up on my homepage at yahoo.com. Is it working correctly?

  5. Jess Johnson
    Wednesday, August 2017, 2008

    @CC I just tested it with a yahoo homepage and it worked. It might have been just a glitch on feedburners part. Please try again, and let me know if works.

    Feedburner has been very unreliable lately so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was their fault. They have stopped delivering email to my subscribers, and have been very unstable for the past few weeks while migrating everyone to a new system. I’m hoping that they get their act together soon, but I’ve been thinking of dropping them.

  6. James the Mover
    Friday, September 511, 2008

    I really liked your blog. Very useful information.

  7. Pete Jones
    Saturday, September 620, 2008

    You’re right on. Couldn’t have said it better myself. -Pete

  8. matt richkid
    Saturday, September 1350, 2008

    Love your site it is very informative am going to research the other posts to see what else I can learn, cheers! and keep up the great work!

  9. Be A Go Getter
    Saturday, September 1334, 2008

    I sorry my english not perfect, but I like very much your blog! Happy! :)

  10. emon
    Sunday, September 1420, 2008

    nice list thanks………

    —— ———–

  11. Lenny
    Monday, January 3149, 2011

    Some books require strong maths skills. Which maths texts would you recommend to improve your maths?

    • Jess Johnson
      Thursday, February 322, 2011

      The only book on this list that requires a strong math background is TAOCP, but TAOCP requires some fairly advanced math to fully grok.

      You might try studying up on calculus, boolean logic, and discrete math to start.


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