What Is This Cloud Thing Anyway?

by in Extras on August 21, 2011

Cloud computing is the most poorly-defined, over-hyped technology that has hit the tech sector for a long time. The technology behind cloud computing isn’t particularly new or innovative, and the hype is all out of proportion to the tech involved. The true innovation of the cloud isn’t the tech at all. Continue reading »

Meta: The Anatomy of the GrokCode Redesign

by in Extras on January 20, 2011

The grokcode.com redesign is now live. GrokCode is built on WordPress, and uses a custom theme. It is valid HTML5 and CSS3. Here is a quick overview of what’s new, what’s changed, and what’s still broken. Also a few notes on browser and operating system compatibility. Continue reading »

T-Shirts: Display Your Inner Geek

by in Extras on November 8, 2008

Show off your inner geek with these t-shirts from CafePress. There are quite a few classic geek shirts here: Space Invaders, Ubuntu, Whisky Tango Foxtrot (WTF!), Office Space, the regular expression version of “To be or not to be”, Lisp, and more. Click on any shirt for more info. Continue reading »

GrokCode T-Shirt Giveaway

by in Extras on November 7, 2008

GrokCode is giving away some free schwag to thank our readers this month. Up for grabs is a free T-shirt, golf shirt, or tanktop that will announce to the world that you grok code. Entering is as easy as subscribing to GrokCode via email or RSS feed, then confirming that you are an active subscriber. Continue reading »

Definition and Origin of ‘Grok’

by in Extras on September 28, 2008

‘Grok’ is a fairly common word amongst geeks and techies, and usage is especially dense within the Computer Science university crowd, but it hasn’t really permeated mainstream usage. So where did the word ‘grok’ come from? What exactly does it mean? Have you grokked grok? It only makes sense that a site called GrokCode should try to answer some of these questions. Continue reading »

Famous Programmers From Adleman to Zimmermann

by in Extras on June 29, 2008

View an analysis of 222 famous programmers who are revered in the hacker culture as respected innovators, superstar coders, and the heroes of the computer revolution. Graphs break down the projects that propelled them to fame, the number of projects it took to make them famous, and the relative numbers of men and women who make up this elite group of famous hackers. Continue reading »