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Practice Your Code-Fu: Programming Contests and Puzzles Online

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  1. martind
    Friday, February 2738, 2009

    You forgot http://www.spoj.pl/

  2. Programming Praxis
    Friday, February 2714, 2009

    I just started a blog in which I will be posting “programming etudes” that provide practice “for the enjoyment and education of the savvy programmer.” It will be updated weekly. Today’s exercise is about generating text via a markov chain.

  3. Mike
    Friday, February 2700, 2009

    Python Challenge is another good one.

  4. paket
    Friday, February 2728, 2009

    The IOCCC encourages and rewards bad coding practices. Should not be on this list.

  5. Aaraventin
    Monday, March 910, 2009

    I’ve been coding for years and the problem on MindCipher.com has me stumped!!!!

  6. The Software Developer
    Saturday, March 2839, 2009

    There are also some puzzles at the facebook website: http://www.facebook.com/careers/puzzles.php

  7. John Fredereich
    Thursday, June 427, 2009

    Really great post – I’ve been looking for info like this for awhile.

  8. Brian Bi
    Thursday, July 918, 2009

    The USACO training pages are pretty good but only C, C++, and Pascal are allowed.

  9. Jon
    Wednesday, August 2617, 2009

    Mindcipher website link should be mindcipher.net, not .com

  10. Patricia
    Saturday, December 516, 2009

    Great post, I’d Digg this.

  11. mohit
    Thursday, July 141, 2010

    can anbody tell me any way to improve my algorith skill so that i can give solution to problem in website described above.

  12. dr-stupid
    Thursday, November 1830, 2010

    CodingBat is also really nice

  13. Agnes
    Monday, January 3146, 2011

    CoderCharts (http://codercharts.com) is the new kid on the block in online coding / programming contest. Right now we are holding our first contest in which there are 8 puzzles of various difficulty levels. Contestants can choose to use whatever language they feel like (we support quite a wide range of languages).
    The contest is going to end in 2 weeks. At the end of the contest, ther will be a lucky draw to give away an iPad.
    Hope all you coding enthusiasts give it a try.

  14. Snehasish Karmakar
    Wednesday, July 2327, 2014

    is also a good one.

    • Snehasish Karmakar
      Wednesday, July 2319, 2014

      I meant “codechef.com” is also a good one.


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