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The Ergonomic Keyboard Productivity Myth

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  1. rand0
    Wednesday, April 2722, 2011

    What about dvorak keyboards?

  2. WarrenP
    Wednesday, November 2339, 2011

    The current Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000 is pretty awesome. But I’m now very very happy with a mechanical ALPS keyswitch equipped Razer Black Widow gaming keyboard. It’s very loud and clicky and I feel more confident typing quickly, when I use it. (Yea. Completely subjective.). My speed is exactly the same whenever I stick with what I already know. I lose productivity every time I change keyboards.


  3. PeterA
    Tuesday, June 1953, 2012

    I have been working in software development industries for the past 15 years. I use keyboard at least 8 hours per working day for thiis past 15 years. About half way through my career, I started development pain on my left wrist. After switching to a split keyboard, the pain went away.

    A split ergonomics keyboard really keeps my wrist straight which I think this helps my wrist pain.

    Even though there is no much credited research out there regarding ergonomics keyboard, but my experience tells me they works if you have existing problem.


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