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How To Use Django’s Signing Functions For One Click Unsubscribes

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  1. John
    Friday, February 1423, 2014

    So why unsubscribe link is valid for 2 days only?

    • Jess Johnson
      Thursday, February 2005, 2014

      If the email is made public, people or bots who click on the link would be able to unsubscribe the original person who received the email. So by saying that it is only valid for two days, it should give the person who received the email time to do the one click unsubscribe while preventing some of the problems if the email is made public. You can adjust the window up or down as needed, or remove it completely depending on your application.

  2. name required
    Monday, October 2013, 2014

    – except BadSignature, SignatureExpired:
    + except (BadSignature, SignatureExpired):

    the top catches a BadSignature and saves it to a variable named SignatureExpired


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